Standard Flying 12 Engine & Steering rebuild

Phil Homer reports:

The engine in my 1937 Standard Fling 12 DHC developed a serious "knock" on its last trip out to the Standard Triumph Picnic. There was nothing to be done but strip the engine down to discover the problem.

So the engine went off to C & F engineering in Letchworth Herts to be rebuilt, using parts supplied from the Pre-48 Spares department of the Standard Motor Club.

In fact, the engine in the car was from a slightly later 1939 12C model, which has the advantage that it has the later thin-walled shell bearings rather than the earlier white-metal bearings of its original engine. The 12C engine is now re-installed in the car, but the ancillaries are yet to be bolted on.

Watch this space for news of the trial run!

I would like to thank the Spares Officers of the Club who were able to supply every spare part required for this prewar engine rebuild, ordered from the Clubs online Shop, C&F for the rebore and rebuild and to Steve George, who helped Lynda and I to man and woman-handle the engine back into the car.

The car also has a new clutch and has undergone a steering upgrade at the same time.

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