Standard Rescue

Published: 26th October 2021

The Standard Motor Club 'STANDARD RESCUE' service has been notified of the following vehicles. Please follow the instructions in each advertisement to make contact.

To read more about the work of Standard Rescue, please visit here


#1 - FOR SALE - Rare 1952 Standard Vanguard Phase 1

Rare 1952 standard Vanguard 1A saloon. Grey finish. Com no: V179046. Reg PMV 43. In good all round condition. Comes with spares old road taxes and service manual and old style logbook as well as new version.. Owner sadly deceased unable to complete it. Mansfield, Notts area. Offers around £5950. Tel: 07773 337583 or email - being sold on behalf of the Daughter by Standard Rescue. Can be viewed only on Sundays


#2 - Rare Vanguard Van needs saving!

Please try to save this Van before it is too late. BUYER NOW WANTED!

An image from Google Street view shows the rare Vanguard van that caught our attention

14th September 2021 - Update:

The Van's owner has been found. He may be amenable to selling the Van. If any member would like to be in contact with him, please contact Phil Homer by email:


A member of the public has notified us of this very rare Australian Vanguard Van that has been re-imported to this country.

One of the photos shows its exact location in Colville Road, Acton, West London.

Please try to save this Van before it is too late.

Note that the Van has migrated towards the wall, compared to where it was in the Google Earth photo. Anyone local looking for a restoration project?

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