Standard Tilly

Standard played their part in the War effort. Phil Homer, reports.

The Standard Motor Company built these "Tillys" throughout the war. Of this version, the UV series, over 9,000 were built for supply to Armies and Airforces. Only slightly more than a handful survive. This, number UV2841, was sold as part of a contract with the "Commonwealth of Australia" and used by the Australian Army.

The vehicle is described as a 12/14, that is, it's a 14Hp chassis fitted with the 12Hp 1608cc engine. It was "demobbed" in 1947 and came into the ownership of a delivery company driver. He used the "Light Utility" until 1980 when it passed to his son.

In 2020, after an estimated mileage of 250,000, it was offered for sale on the Milweb Military Sale site and was eventually bought by Roger Stone, a Collector in Over Norton in Oxfordshire. The Ute was reimported to the UK in a container that was shared with a Jeep that had been purchased by a fellow enthusiast. The engine has been rebuilt and the Tilly is now being used to attend Classic Military shows in the UK and Europe.

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