Vanguard Vignale - Paul Newsome

Paul Newsome adds to his collection.

We are used to seeing Paul Newsome in his 1926 Standard SLO4 "Charlecote", which he restored first in the 1960s and which he has campaigned tirelessly now for 50 years. Paul is one of the stalwarts of the club and can be relied on to regularly participate in Standard events. Last year however he surprised fellow Club members by purchasing a Vanguard Vignale, on which he is now carrying out a rolling restoration, and the car is now back on the road. Paul owned a Vignale from new and admired the model, and he remembers regularly selling the cars from the dealership that his family-owned in Coventry.

This Vanguard was found "leaning against a fence" in Ryde on the Isle of Wight. It had never been off the island since it was purchased new in 1960.

Since his purchase and recovery off the I-o-W ferry, Paul has fitted a new screen rubber ( a very difficult task by all accounts, and still not completed to his satisfaction) and completed some paintwork. Apart from a service, the engine has not required attention beyond a complete flush out with a Chemical cleaner which has proved successful in preventing the overheating problems that the car was suffering from. Paul has now purchased an overdrive which he intends to fit on the car. Finished in two-tone blue and grey the car will make an attractive addition to his fleet.

Look out for Paul and his new Vignale at Standard events, though he isn't giving up on his faithful Charlecote.

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