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50's Eights and Tens; Pennants and Companion Parts

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To go directly to the Spares Shop - click here

To avail yourself of the Spares Service, you must be a current member and you will be asked for your membership number. This avoids non-members taking advantage of paid members generosity. You can join by clicking on this link:

This store covers all production of Standard 8 and 10, Pennants and Companions.

All owners are advised to purchase whatever spares they find, whenever they find them. Do not wait for a wearing part to fail, chances are it will be difficult to source. That said, the club will always try to help and has good stocks of gaskets, pistons, valves, brake, clutch and ignition parts amongst many other things. We believe we have the most comprehensive stock of parts available anywhere.


A range of the more popular spares can be purchased securely online from the Club's WebShop, 24/7. Please check to see if the items you need are here. Our intention is to expand the range of Spares available on the Shop.

Eventually, everything we have will be listed, but, as this is being done by volunteers, this will take some time to complete.

Your first port of call is the WebShop Spares Section - CLICK HERE

The spares stock is now distributed amongst a number of fulfilment officers spread all over the country. It is not possible to contact the fulfilment officers directly and the one you contact may not stock the part(s) you need. If, after looking at the WebShop, you have a spares enquiry, you should contact


Thank you for your patience as our volunteer staff load more lines of spares onto the shop.


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