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Vanguard and Ensign Parts

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To avail yourself of the Spares Service, you must be a current member and you will be asked for your membership number.

This avoids non-members taking advantage of members' generosity. You can join by clicking on this link:


The Vanguard Spares Officer is Peter Foster:


Postal address: 19 Ropers Gate, Lutton, Spalding, Lincs, PE12 9NU.

Telephone: 01406 363679 - no calls after 9:00 pm.

"I'm not always available at weekends but am often available during the day during the week. I do have an answerphone facility so members can leave their requirements & I will get back to them."


Peter has updated the list of the Club's stock of Vanguard Spares lines in an Excel Spreadsheet.


The Club has invested substantial new money in further stock and there are now over 2500 lines listed.


We believe this to be easily the biggest stock of Vanguard Spares available in one place, so please take advantage by ordering today.

If you are not a member, membership can be purchased at the same time from this link: You can try us for parts first, simply by looking at the Parts list below.

Please destroy any previous copies of the list that you may have.


The new spreadsheet is downloadable from here:

(You will need a copy of Excel running on your machine before you will be able to read this.)

Vanguard owners are indebted to Peter, who as a volunteer, has compiled this enormous list and manages the Vanguard Warehouse, all in his spare time.

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