Sopwith Cup Winner - Standard Vanguard 6

Huge Victory for the Standard Vanguard 6

The Vanguard 6 of James Colburn came in first place in last Sunday's running of the Sopwith Cup, at the 79th Annual running of the Goodwood Members meeting. In fact, the car lead from beginning to end! 2nd place was claimed by a Nash Metropolitan and 3rd, by a Jaguar Mk 7 piloted by TV Comedian, Rowan Atkinson.

Congratulations to James.

At least some of the parts for his car were supplied by the Standard Motor Club's Spares organisation, run by Peter Foster.

If you are a member, you can benefit from the Spares that Peter provides.

More details here:

To see this famous victory - watch the video below, with images of the car lower down this article. Our thanks to Tony Pounder for the photographs.

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