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10th June 2021

Coventry MotoFest

'Standard' meeting:
8th August 2021

Pre-book your Standards NOW!

Classic Car Day - Standards gathering
- Sunday 8th August


An event that does take place over 4 weekends, but with Standards parked in Broadgate, Coventry, outside the 'Flying Standard Pub' in our usual position - just on Sunday 8th August.

See a previous event report here:

Only pre-booked cars will be permitted and Standard Club Members are requested to send Peter Lockley the following details:-

  • Name

  • Address

  • Email

  • Mobile phone number

  • Model and year of Standard or Standard Triumph car

  • Registration number of car



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1st June 2021

"I Drive A Classic"
YouTube review of a Standard 9

Our Video of the Month for June


Following on from the last review of the Standard 10, YouTube Classic car reviewer, Steph, brings her independent assessment in viewing and driving a 1935 Standard 9 belonging to Roger Dealtry.

Steph states: "The Standard 9 was the little sister of the 10 which we tested last week and was the smallest car in the Standard range when it came to market. To the untrained eye, many of the features are similar but once we begin looking a little closer you begin to notice the differences.


The 9 used the same front and rear axle as the 10, but has a shorter two door body and a smaller engine.


New for 1935, the Standard 9 now came as a 4 door variant which was more closely related to that 10 we looked at before.


Although we are lucky and get that synchro on the top three gears, we lose the free wheel and automatic restart."

Standard 9.JPG

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24th May 2021

"Deep Stores" location WANTED!

Help the Club find new facilities to support spares availabilty

For very many years, a very kind member has kept a “Deep Store” of parts for Standards of all ages.


This is a warehouse stocked with slow moving parts that the Club has acquired during its life, that are much too valuable to send to the scrapman.

Unfortunately, the member is about to move house and to give up his premises that the Club uses.


We are therefore looking for alternative premises.

Please read our article to see if you can help.


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20th May 2021

Enter The 62nd Standard Internatonal Rally


This Shield is awarded every year to the best Modified Standard attending the Standard International Rally.


Why not enter your car this year 62nd Standard International to be held at Alexandra House Hotel, Wroughton, Nr Swindon, Wilts. on the weekend of Friday 25th June - Sunday 27th June 2021.

Alexandra House is a 152 Roomed modern property set in extensive grounds just 4 miles from the south of Swindon. It is only a few minutes drive from Junction 15 of the M4 for those coming from either the East or West.


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11th May 2021

Major BBC Documentary

on the

Coventry Motor Industry

Classic British Cars: Made in Coventry
- Monday 17th May - BBC4   9 pm

The rise and ultimate downfall of the huge Motor industry that built up in Coventry during the first half of the 20th Century is the subject of a major new TV documentary to be aired on the BBC next week.

It is also the subject of a feature article in the June Edition of the BBC magazine “Who do you think you are?” which is currently available from Newsagents.


The rise of major names in the Motor Industry, such as Alvis, Armstrong Siddley, Daimler, Riley, SS Jaguar, Hillman, Rover, Standard and Triumph, and many others, are documented by the journalist Steve Humphries.


Prominent in this line-up were the Standard Motor Company who at one time were the largest manufacturer in the City.


The programme highlights the achievements of Captain, later Sir John Black in building this highly successful Car, Tractor and Aircraft manufacturer. Unfortunately, the story of its demise and eventual collapse as part of British Leyland also has to be told,

The programme features an interview with Nick Black, Sir John’s youngest son, and enthusiast for all products from the SMC.


The programme airs on BBC4 on 17th May at 9.00 pm.


Please don’t miss it or catch up on the iPlayer.

The photograph shows the Standard 8 production line at Canley in 1953. (Courtesy of “Who do you think we are”)

Coventry Motor City.JPG

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7th May 2021

Annual Rally

25th - 27th June

Join us for



All necessary Covid precautions will be in place.







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4th May 2021

"I Drive A Classic"

YouTube review of a Standard 10

Regular YouTube Classic car reviewer, Steph, brings her independent assessment in viewing and driving a 1934 Standard 10.

Steph states: "The history of British motoring is always an interesting one and for me, one of the names you don’t hear enough about online in terms of YouTube videos is Standard - which is why when I got offered this Standard 10 for review, I had to come down and see her in the flesh."

For younger viewers who may know very little about Standard, they were in their time not only one of the biggest names in the Coventry motoring boom but also one of the cities biggest employers; meaning at one point in time, Standard was a big deal."

Standard 10 Video Review.JPG

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25th May 2021

Important Update

Change of Roadrun arrangements for Friday

Unfortunately the visit to "Steam" Museum has had to be cancelled. This is due to the fact that since reopening post Covid, only timed tickets are available. Also, the route to the hotel was due to go over a bridge over the M4 that has recently been demolished, causing traffic chaos on alternative routes, especially on a Friday Afternoon.

The alternative arrangements are to meet at Lydiard Park, Swindon SN5 3PA from 1pm onwards. The grounds of the house are open and there are 2 cafes. More details on Lydiard Park: here 


There is a Car parking charge, on the day, of £2.10p for a two hour stay. All entrants who have paid for Steam Museum entrance will be reimbursed, before the event.

Roadrun to the Hotel sets off from 3pm onwards. Instructions will be provided.

The remainder of the programme is as already advised.


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18th April 2021

Standard 8
How it Began
Part 1

A ground-breaking car for the motoring masses. 
In this new feature, written specifically for this website, Club Historian, Phil Homer describes how the car was conceived and developed.

The Mayflower was announced in 1949 but it didn’t reach production until 1950. The car received favourable press in the UK. Unfortunately, that was not the case in US, where the 1.25 litre engine was considered inadequate for use on the rapidly expanding freeway network.

The company also found that it was difficult to build in volume and the margins were low. By 1952, it was acknowledged that it was not going to be widely accepted by the market, and an alternative approach was needed...

prototype model.jpg

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16th April 2021



The Mechanical Specifications and Commission Numbers for the Post-Vintage Range of cars have been comprehensively updated.

This is the result of dedicated new research by the Club's Post-Vintage Archivist, Roger Dealtry.
Thank you Roger!

To see the new data, go to "Cars" >"Post Vintage"> "Mechanical Specs" or "Commission numbers" or ths direct link below.

This website is regularly updated.
Come back soon for more "Latest News"

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9th April 2021

A Tribute to
HRH Prince Philip,
Duke of Edinburgh 1921 – 2021

The members of the Standard Motor Club were saddened today, 9th April 2021, to learn of the passing of an honorary member of our Club, Prince Philip.

His Highness’s first car was a 1934 2 door Standard Nine, which he bought as a naval midshipman in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He must qualify as the most famous person ever to learn to drive in a Standard Car.


The car has been restored and now occupies pride of place in a small museum at the Galle Face Hotel in Colombo.


Every member of the Club wishes to record their sympathies and pass our condolences and best wishes to Her Majesty the Queen and all the Royal Family.

Prince Phillip Standard.JPG

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27th March 2021

Major National Car Club Award!

The Club is delighted to announce that the “Standard Car Review’s” Editor, Steve O'Hara has won a Major National Car Club Award, for the “Outstanding Club Magazine of the Year”

The award was presented as part of the Virtual Practical Classics Car and Restoration show on Saturday 27th March

The presentation, by Danny Hopkins, Editor of Practical Classics can be seen at 19 mins and 30secs of this video. National Car Club Awards - Judges' Special Recognition 2021 - YouTube


Congratulations are in order for Steve.

Extremely well done!


There is more information about the Standard Car Review here


A subscription to the Standard Car Review is included in membership of the Club

standard car review award.jpg

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Late March 2021

upcoming products

Cylinder Heads!

Major Spares Remanufacturing Initiative

In co-ordination with outside industry, the Club has embarked on its most ambitious remanufacturing initiative to date – that is the remanufacture of cylinder heads for our cars.

The cylinder head for the Flying 8 and the Postwar 4/8A is being developed using the latest 3D printing technology and casting techniques.

3d printed cylinder head pattern.jpg

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March 2021

Standard 8/10, Pennant Companion

and Commercial Fuel Line kits

Replacement Fuel Line in Copper Pipe with original size new fittings - Plus a modern Ethanol Proof Flexi Hose.

The Original Fuel Line in our cars was in three pieces using two Steel pipe sections with a Flexi Hose from the main pipe to the fuel pump. Steel Pipe and Unions often corrode and older Flexi may not be Ethanol proof. The Club now offers modern replacements.

1) 120" Copper Main Pipe from tank to front of car, Brass 1/2" BSP Male Union into Tank and 1/2"BSP Female Union to:-

2) Ethanol Proof Flexi Hose from Main Pipe to Fuel Pump, 1/2" BSP Male Unions at Both Ends.

3) 24" Copper Feed Pipe from Pump to Carburetor. Brass 1/2" BSP Male Unions at Both Ends.

Buy separate pieces as required or a Full Three Piece Kit and save.


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February 2021

*New Product*

Disc Conversion Kit

Suitable for all models of 50's 8, 10 and Pennant including Companion and Commercials.

The Standard Motor Club is pleased to introduce a complete kit to convert all 50's Standard 8 and 10 vehicles to Front Disc Brakes retaining all original Suspension and Steering components including the Vertical Link.

All parts are to original Stanpart design and specification, or higher.

The photograph shows major parts for one side only.

The kit is for both front wheels.

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