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16th December 2021

The 2022 International Rally
June 24th - 26th

Place the dates in your diary now!

The 62nd Annual Standard International Rally

To be held at the Cranfield Management Development Centre, Cranfield, Bedfordshire.
MK43 0HG.


A spectacular series of events to celebrate the cars - Do not miss this!

Visits to the Bletchley Park Codebreakers Centre, The "Red Bull Racing" Technology Centre (World Champions!) and the famous Shuttleworth collection of Aircraft and Cars, are all part of a  glorious mid- summer Weekend, which will include the largest gathering of Standard Cars anywhere in the World during 2022

Make a note of the dates, 24th - 26th June 2022.


Join us on one, two or all three days, optional 4-star hotel accommodation has been negotiated.  Members and non-members are all welcome, but we may try to persuade you to join!

See the proposed Programme here:
International Rally 2022 - Programme of Events


Put us in your diary now! Come and join us!

Rally Collection.JPG

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15th November 2021

The Standard Motor Club’s Website featured in the “Classic and Sportscar”
Club Awards for 2021

Quoting from the Awards Website -

“We start with the Digital Media Award and the judges were impressed by the breadth of many clubs’ online offerings.

Our first highly commended club is the Porche 924 Owners Club whose new website isn’t just easy to navigate, it also features more than 40 downloadable tech PDFs to help members on a range of subjects.

The judges also felt that the Standard Motor Club deserved to be highly commended for its relaunched website which gives members access to an ever-increasing wealth of information from the club’s rich archives.”


The Club has a mass of Archives to publish and the Membership will see a huge increase in this facility as new material is scanned.

Please see what is available now from the members' area - top right of these webpages:

Club Award Winners.JPG

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8th October 2021

Digital Archive
launches in Members' Area

Log in now to see
existing resources

THE CLUB'S DIGITAL ARCHIVES - a huge resource kit for the benefit of members.

The Digital Archives project was started in 2016 with the intention of making as much technical and historic information as possible available to Club members.


It brings together scans of items held in the club archives, items lent or provided by club members. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making this possible.


If you have something to add, be it new material or better copies of what is already available, feel free to contact us by USING THE FORM HERE

Currently, the majority of the material relates to the post-vintage vehicles. More will be added over coming months.

Join the Club from the link below to benefit from this great resource in looking after YOUR STANDARDS! 

Digital Archives Image.JPG

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28th September 2021

The Harry Webster
Award 2020/2021

awarded to
Simon Goldsworthy

Lynda Homer, Secretary of the Standard Motor Club, spoke at the 2021 Standard-Triumph Picnic.

The Harry Webster Award is made annually to the person who in the Standard-Triumph Forum's opinion has done the most to forward the aims of the Standard-Triumph Movement in the last (two) years - Covid-19 affecting the nomination of an award last year!


First, who was Harry Webster?

Harry joined the Standard Motor Company as an engineering apprentice in 1932. He rose rapidly through the Engineering Hierarchy, on merit, to reach engineering Director and Board member by 1958, He subsequently was promoted to Engineering Director at the soon to be formed British Leyland in 1967.


He built up a formidable reputation and utmost respect amongst his workforce, being responsible for the development of many of the Standard and Triumph models we drive today.

Simon with Award.jpg

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2nd September 2021

FBHVC clarification on E10 fuel usage and labelling for historic vehicles

After an extensive consultation process, the Department for Transport has introduced legislation to mandate E10 petrol as the standard 95-octane petrol grade from 1 September 2021 and in Northern Ireland, this will happen in early 2022.


They will also require the higher-octane 97+ ‘Super’ grades to remain E5 to provide protection for owners of older vehicles.


This product will be designated as the ‘Protection’ grade. The change in fuel applies to petrol only. Diesel fuel will not be changing.

More details from the FBHVC website from the link below.

E10 Panel.JPG

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25th August 2021

E10 Regular Unleaded Fuel
- First Experiences


A Big Change for Petrol at the forecourt ...

Stephen George, reports:

As I am sure members are fully aware from 1st September, all “Regular” 95 RON petrol sold in the UK must contain 10% Ethanol from a sustainable production source. This doubles by volume the amount of Ethanol in each Litre of the cheapest grade of road fuel available.


There has been a great deal published about the various effects of Ethanol in fuel because of course, we have been using E5 or 5% Ethanol fuel for many years and I freely admit, that despite all the doomsayers, I am a supporter of Ethanol blending on the basis that I have grandchildren and I care about the world we will leave them.


Read the full article from the link below.

Petrol Forecourt.JPG

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20th August 2021

Graham Robson.


The Standard Motor Club has lost a good friend.

Graham Robson, the country’s leading Motoring writer and prolific author passed away on 6th August.


Amongst an astonishing 170 reference books that Graham wrote was “The Book of the Standard Motor Company”, the definitive work, painstakingly researched and lavishly illustrated, as all his works were.


All his books were of similarly exceptional quality and Graham became the authorative source and “go-to” expert on almost every British marque.


Read more from the link below.

Graham Robson.JPG

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22nd July 2021

FBHVC announces key stakeholder position within DVLA to assist with historic vehicle backlog



The Commons Select Committee for Transport met this week to question the DVLA on what their strategy is for overcoming the current backlog of over 1.4 million license applications. Also, to answer MPs questions around industrial disputes and staff shortages brought about by the pandemic.


Firstly, the Federation would like to lend its support to the hardworking staff at the DVLA who have been dealing with a hugely increased workload in the wake of personnel shortages brought about by the pandemic. We think every workplace can relate to the struggles of the past 18-months.

The Federation, through our constant dialogue with the DVLA and our close working relationship built up over many years, has managed to put systems in place whereby our member clubs, their representatives and experts on the ground are able to assist the DVLA through the outsourcing of certain elements of registration processes to the historic vehicle community.


These have included in the past the V765 scheme but also more recently, the validation of imports and VHI applications. We believe these established processes are key to helping the DVLA deal with the backlog for historic vehicles and effectively outsources much of the investigative process and verification the historic vehicle community.



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25th June 2021


Now available for

NEW. Exclusive to the Standard Motor Club



Developed by Standard these were never factory fitted but available as an aftermarket option in the 1950's. The Front Anti Roll Bar or Sway Bar was intended to control weight transfer during cornering thus reducing Over Steer

Now available for immediate delivery the Club is pleased to be able to offer these kits, based on the original design but made with modern materials.


AntiRoll Kit.JPG

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6th July 2021


Winner of The Standard Super 8
is announced

The winner of the Donated Car was a member from Manchester.

He has a Standard 10 Van in a very similar colour and now has added this 8 to his collection.


We hope the 8 will be a frequent visitor to Club events.

Thank you to everyone who made unsuccessful bids for the car.

The Club should also thank the team of Phil and Lynda Homer and Stephen George who retrieved the car on a Transporter and brought it back to life.

Above all, we all thank the original owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, for his very generous donation to Club funds.


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1st June 2021

"I Drive A Classic"
YouTube review of a Standard 9

Our Video of the Month for June


Following on from the last review of the Standard 10, YouTube Classic car reviewer, Steph, brings her independent assessment in viewing and driving a 1935 Standard 9 belonging to Roger Dealtry.

Steph states: "The Standard 9 was the little sister of the 10 which we tested last week and was the smallest car in the Standard range when it came to market. To the untrained eye, many of the features are similar but once we begin looking a little closer you begin to notice the differences.


The 9 used the same front and rear axle as the 10, but has a shorter two door body and a smaller engine.


New for 1935, the Standard 9 now came as a 4 door variant which was more closely related to that 10 we looked at before.


Although we are lucky and get that synchro on the top three gears, we lose the free wheel and automatic restart."

Standard 9.JPG

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11th May 2021

Major BBC Documentary

on the

Coventry Motor Industry

Classic British Cars: Made in Coventry
- Monday 17th May - BBC4   9 pm

The rise and ultimate downfall of the huge Motor industry that built up in Coventry during the first half of the 20th Century is the subject of a major new TV documentary to be aired on the BBC next week.

It is also the subject of a feature article in the June Edition of the BBC magazine “Who do you think you are?” which is currently available from Newsagents.


The rise of major names in the Motor Industry, such as Alvis, Armstrong Siddley, Daimler, Riley, SS Jaguar, Hillman, Rover, Standard and Triumph, and many others, are documented by the journalist Steve Humphries.


Prominent in this line-up were the Standard Motor Company who at one time were the largest manufacturer in the City.


The programme highlights the achievements of Captain, later Sir John Black in building this highly successful Car, Tractor and Aircraft manufacturer. Unfortunately, the story of its demise and eventual collapse as part of British Leyland also has to be told,

The programme features an interview with Nick Black, Sir John’s youngest son, and enthusiast for all products from the SMC.


The programme airs on BBC4 on 17th May at 9.00 pm.


Please don’t miss it or catch up on the iPlayer.

The photograph shows the Standard 8 production line at Canley in 1953. (Courtesy of “Who do you think we are”)

Coventry Motor City.JPG

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4th May 2021

"I Drive A Classic"

YouTube review of a Standard 10

Regular YouTube Classic car reviewer, Steph, brings her independent assessment in viewing and driving a 1934 Standard 10.

Steph states: "The history of British motoring is always an interesting one and for me, one of the names you don’t hear enough about online in terms of YouTube videos is Standard - which is why when I got offered this Standard 10 for review, I had to come down and see her in the flesh."

For younger viewers who may know very little about Standard, they were in their time not only one of the biggest names in the Coventry motoring boom but also one of the cities biggest employers; meaning at one point in time, Standard was a big deal."

Standard 10 Video Review.JPG

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18th April 2021

Standard 8
How it Began
Part 1

A ground-breaking car for the motoring masses. 
In this new feature, written specifically for this website, Club Historian, Phil Homer describes how the car was conceived and developed.

The Mayflower was announced in 1949 but it didn’t reach production until 1950. The car received favourable press in the UK. Unfortunately, that was not the case in US, where the 1.25 litre engine was considered inadequate for use on the rapidly expanding freeway network.

The company also found that it was difficult to build in volume and the margins were low. By 1952, it was acknowledged that it was not going to be widely accepted by the market, and an alternative approach was needed...

prototype model.jpg

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16th April 2021



The Mechanical Specifications and Commission Numbers for the Post-Vintage Range of cars have been comprehensively updated.

This is the result of dedicated new research by the Club's Post-Vintage Archivist, Roger Dealtry.
Thank you Roger!

To see the new data, go to "Cars" >"Post Vintage"> "Mechanical Specs" or "Commission numbers" or ths direct link below.

This website is regularly updated.
Come back soon for more "Latest News"

Spreadsheet Icon.JPG

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9th April 2021

A Tribute to
HRH Prince Philip,
Duke of Edinburgh 1921 – 2021

The members of the Standard Motor Club were saddened today, 9th April 2021, to learn of the passing of an honorary member of our Club, Prince Philip.

His Highness’s first car was a 1934 2 door Standard Nine, which he bought as a naval midshipman in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He must qualify as the most famous person ever to learn to drive in a Standard Car.


The car has been restored and now occupies pride of place in a small museum at the Galle Face Hotel in Colombo.


Every member of the Club wishes to record their sympathies and pass our condolences and best wishes to Her Majesty the Queen and all the Royal Family.

Prince Phillip Standard.JPG

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27th March 2021

Major National Car Club Award!

The Club is delighted to announce that the “Standard Car Review’s” Editor, Steve O'Hara has won a Major National Car Club Award, for the “Outstanding Club Magazine of the Year”

The award was presented as part of the Virtual Practical Classics Car and Restoration show on Saturday 27th March

The presentation, by Danny Hopkins, Editor of Practical Classics can be seen at 19 mins and 30secs of this video. National Car Club Awards - Judges' Special Recognition 2021 - YouTube


Congratulations are in order for Steve.

Extremely well done!


There is more information about the Standard Car Review here


A subscription to the Standard Car Review is included in membership of the Club

standard car review award.jpg

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Late March 2021

upcoming products

Cylinder Heads!

Major Spares Remanufacturing Initiative

In co-ordination with outside industry, the Club has embarked on its most ambitious remanufacturing initiative to date – that is the remanufacture of cylinder heads for our cars.

The cylinder head for the Flying 8 and the Postwar 4/8A is being developed using the latest 3D printing technology and casting techniques.

3d printed cylinder head pattern.jpg

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March 2021

Standard 8/10, Pennant Companion

and Commercial Fuel Line kits

Replacement Fuel Line in Copper Pipe with original size new fittings - Plus a modern Ethanol Proof Flexi Hose.

The Original Fuel Line in our cars was in three pieces using two Steel pipe sections with a Flexi Hose from the main pipe to the fuel pump. Steel Pipe and Unions often corrode and older Flexi may not be Ethanol proof. The Club now offers modern replacements.

1) 120" Copper Main Pipe from tank to front of car, Brass 1/2" BSP Male Union into Tank and 1/2"BSP Female Union to:-

2) Ethanol Proof Flexi Hose from Main Pipe to Fuel Pump, 1/2" BSP Male Unions at Both Ends.

3) 24" Copper Feed Pipe from Pump to Carburetor. Brass 1/2" BSP Male Unions at Both Ends.

Buy separate pieces as required or a Full Three Piece Kit and save.


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February 2021

*New Product*

Disc Conversion Kit

Suitable for all models of 50's 8, 10 and Pennant including Companion and Commercials.

The Standard Motor Club is pleased to introduce a complete kit to convert all 50's Standard 8 and 10 vehicles to Front Disc Brakes retaining all original Suspension and Steering components including the Vertical Link.

All parts are to original Stanpart design and specification, or higher.

The photograph shows major parts for one side only.

The kit is for both front wheels.

Disk Conversion Kit

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